Inopower provides an intelligent, reliable remote control solution for remote control of Distributed Power Generation assets.

Inopower has since 2005 been a leading supplier of Power Grid Balancing Systems in Denmark. The System enable Power Traders to dispatch Assets into Day-Ahead, Intraday and Ancillary Services market are.

Assets management/dispatching:

Inopower Systems is handling:

  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching
  • Load management

Ancillary services:

Inopower Control Systems are available for Primay, Secondary and Tertiary Frequency Control. The Systems are in operation on Gas Turbines, Gas Engines, E-Boilers, Wind Turbines

Inopower systems are approved by TSO’s in Germany and Denmark according to Entso-E Grid Code Specifications.


Inopower Systems can provide redundant communication through standardized protocols:

IEC101, IEC 103, IEC104, IEC 61850