Power Grid Balancing

Since the Danish power market was liberalized in 2005, Inopower has been a leading supplier of power grid balancing control systems with inhouse developed algorithm-based software solutions.

Inopower systems are controlling stand-alone or combined assets supplying FRC (primary frequency control), aFRR (secondary frequency control), mFRR (tertiary frequency control) markets in the ENTSO-E synchronous area.

Further, Inopower systems are controlling assets in FCR-N, FCR-D and mFRR in the Nordel synchronous area.

Inopower’s power grid balancing algorithms have TSO approvals by:

Germany:Tennet, 50Hz, Amprion
UK:National Grid

Assets with Inopower power grid balancing solutions:

  • Gas turbines
  • Gas engines
  • Wind turbines
  • E-boilers
  • Electrolyzes
  • Lithium-ion battery systems
Power Grid Balancing