Remote Control / Dispatching

Inopower supplies intelligent and reliable solutions for remote control of distributed power assets. Since 2005, Inopower systems has been in operation enabling power traders /TSO’s to dispatch generation/large consumers in day-ahead, intraday and ancillary services markets.

Remote control /dispatching is done through IEC 101, IE104, IEC 61850.

Virtual Power Plants

Inopower is a supplier of a virtual power plant solution for aggregation of large number of assets into ancillary services markets. Inopower’s virtual power plant solution is approved by TSO Tennet, and has been in operation in Germany since 2016.

Hybrid Power Plants

Inopower supplies solutions for merging of generation / consumption technologies into hybrid power plants.

By combining technologies, the profitability of each asset will be increased, and the assets will form a valuable part of balancing the power grid.