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Inopower has been chosen as Supplier of Generator Control & Protection System for medium Sized Power Plants in Denmark and Offshore Norway.

Inopower perform complete upgrade of Generator Protection, Synchronisation Systems and AVR Systems incl. PSS Calculations and Commissioning.

silkeborg Silkeborg Power Plant 2xGE LM 6000 + Steam Turbine
dong Horsens Power Plant GE LM 2500 Gas Turbine
dong Slagelse Power Plant Steam Turbine
dong Måbjergværket Steam Turbine
statoil Troll A Siemens SGT 100 Gas Turbine
dc Danske Commodities GE LM 2500 Gas Turbine
arla Arla Foods Siemens SGT 100 Gas Turbine
aa Aarhus Affald Steam Turbine