About Inopower A/S

Inopower is a highly specialized company in the Energy Sector.

The Company was founded in 2002 by CEO Troels Davidsen, and is today owned by the Management and HKJ Group in Esbjerg Denmark.

The Dedicated Team in Inopower has a long Experience in Power Generation, Power Distribution and Power Grid Balancing Systems.

Inopower Systems for Distributed/Decentralized Power System has proven to be flexible reliable solution for all aspects of Power Grid balancing and Integration of Renewables into the Power Grids.

Based on the Danish Transition from Centralised Power Generation into Decentralized Power Generation started in 1985, we today successfully export our Systems all over Europe. Inopower Systems is a key element in the German "Energie Wende" where Fluctuating Renewable Power has to be integrated into the Power Transmission System.